Transforming Community Feedback into Achievable Changes

Feedback Recap: Elevate Devon Virtual Open House and Live Q+A garner a whopping 700+ visitors and 200+ comments… summary below!

“Increasing pedestrian and bike safety is a huge way to bring in more customers to the businesses on this street. Most college students don’t have cars.”

“My family and I have lived in the neighborhood and very close to Devon for 5 years. I am thrilled to see further investment in what I’ve always thought was an untapped opportunity for the neighborhood. Keep it up!”

“Make Devon a better place for pedestrians, cyclists, and transit users. This planning process has shown an unmet desire for de-prioritizing cars along Devon and making the corridor more people-friendly.”

I especially like the native plants and pollinators. I love catching an eye of the rabbits which have made a home in the bushes at the bend onto Sheridan.”

Big thanks to each and every community member, resident, business owner, student and passionate stakeholder (including those above!) who took the time to provide feedback, ask questions, and engage in the Elevate Devon planning process. Click the button below to dive into a recap of feedback shared and findings collected. Topics highlighted include business vitality, safety and circulation, walkability, bike lanes, streetscape improvements, public art, gateway treatments, project funding, and much much more.

Next Steps

So, what’s next for Devon? The team is applying public input received to aid in the development of innovative and achievable plan goals and strategies. Plan drafting is underway and will continue through Fall of 2022. Project partners are working to connect with the Chicago Department of Transportation (CDOT) to discuss the viability of different community-endorsed traffic calming measures and streetscape improvements.

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Elevate Devon is a pivotal corridor study focused on enhancing Devon Avenue between Sheridan Road and Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. What can be done to enliven this eclectic 1-mile stretch, foster sense of place, and help local businesses thrive? Visit to share ideas and help shape the future of Devon!

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