Reminder: Open House Closes Today 8/15! Share + View Insights from Zoom Event…

Zoom Event Recap & Last Call to Participate in Virtual Open House

Time is running out! Join the 600+ visitors to date and swing by the Elevate Devon Virtual Open House to view and vote on design concepts for Devon Avenue. This online community event closes tonight — Monday, August 15th.

Discussion Slide from the Q+A Zoom Event on August 11th

Live Q+A Event Recap

Special thanks to all who joined us to share insights, questions and aspirations at the Live Q+A Session that took place over Zoom on Thursday, August 11th from 5:30 to 6:30pm! Hearing from and planning with the community are the foundation of Elevate Devon and project recommendations moving forward. The feedback received from the Virtual Open House and Live Q+A will be applied to the strategies, actions, and goals of the final plan.

At the Live Q+A event on August 11th, local business owners Michael and Janine Waszkowski of Ellipsis Coffeehouse spoke about their experience as business owners on Devon Avenue and hopes for the Elevate Devon project.

Michael and Janine Waszkowski of Ellipsis Coffeehouse located at 1259 W Devon Avenue

“I am looking forward to seeing the area become more accessible to people walking by; drawing more of the students from Loyola University towards to community, west. Really please with what you all are doing!”

Michael Waszkowski, Ellipsis Coffeehouse

Throughout the session, the team shared additional context on design recommendations, identity concepts and project priorities, which were elaborated on during the Q+A. Some topics discussed included how to best balance different modes of transportation along the corridor, sustainability, funding for projects, coordination with CDOT and CTA, and business attraction. Filling vacancies and improving the safety of pedestrians and cyclists continue to be high priorities for the community.

“I do think that increasing biker and pedestrian safety is a huge way to bring in more customers to the businesses on this street.”

Community Member Comment

The project team discussed the merits of bumpouts, traffic calming measures, and logistical challenges given the width of the roadway and functions therein. Identity concepts and corridor themes were also shared; highlighted below.

“Medallion is great. It’s unique, but connective to the branding on West Devon, as well as picking up on the colors and motifs being used on North Clark.”

Community Member Comment

The Virtual Open House will stay open through Monday, August 15th. If you didn’t get the chance to stop by the Q+A, make sure to check out the Open House and submit your feedback before it closes! Celebrating local values is a key component of the Elevate Devon planning process, and we appreciate the insights you all have provided to us every step of the way.

A detailed summary of feedback received via the Q+A Event and Virtual Open House will be shared in the coming weeks. Please subscribe below to receive updates.

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