Virtual Workshop Tonight! Join Us at 5:30pm on Zoom for local music, local ideas, and local placemaking

Drumroll … … … The Elevate Devon Virtual Community Workshop is tonight and trust us, you do not want to miss this inspiring, interactive and informational night of music, ideas, realtime polling and local placemaking. Set your timers, mark your calendars and when 5:30 CST hits, click the button below.

· Partake in Shaping the Future of Devon, You Know You Want To ·

Meet up with friends and neighbors online tonight – Wednesday, April 27th from 5:30 to 7pm! In addition to local tunes to kick-off the evening, much loved businesses from Rogers Park and Edgewater will be zooming-in to share their thoughts on Devon. Come learn about emerging placemaking priorities (psst… did someone say business activations, outdoor dining and pedestrian improvements?) and add your insights to the mix. We will also be breaking down poll results and feedback shared at Monday’s pop-up events.


Elevate Devon Virtual Community Workshop
Wednesday, April 27th at 5:30pm
Zoom Link:

Call-in: (312) 626-6799

Thanks to all who swung by Nori, Devon Market and the student center to chat!

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Reminder: Corridor Pop-Ups Tomorrow, Monday 4/25 from 2:30-6pm

Pop Over, Swing By, Say Hello!

Hello Friends + Neighbors of Devon! A reminder that our Elevate Devon Corridor Pop-Ups will be taking place tomorrow, Monday, April 25th. 

  • Please join us in the patio of Nori Sushi (1235 W. Devon) from 2:30 to 4pm.
  • Devon Market near the entry (1440 W Devon) from 4:30 to 6pm. 
  • We will also be at Loyola’s Damen Student Center from 11:30am to 1:30pm.

Swing by for 5-minutes! Learn about the project, vote for corridor improvements, and ask questions. Special thanks to Shaul at Devon Market and Pete at Nori Sushi for hosting us.

Fun Fact: According to a 2021 Chicago Reader Article, the mural on the side of Devon Market, which includes a blonde mermaid riding a shrimp, is in fact a depiction of market owner, Shaul Basa’s wife… and we are here for it! Check out the mural and say hello tomorrow.

2021 Chicago Reader Article by by Maya Dukmasova

Virtual Workshop

Unable to make the pop-ups? Our Virtual Community Workshop is this Wednesday, April 27th via Zoom. Click the button below to add the zoom link to your calendar or register via Facebook. It is going to be a full week of Devon-ing (action verb!) — and we can’t wait to connect with you all. Join us in discovering possibilities, unlocking potential, and shaping the future of Devon!

What else? Tons of ideas are percolating via the Elevate Devon Placemaking Poll. Take it today to let us know your preferences and vision for Devon!

Tons of great feedback is percolating as part of the Placemaking Poll, which launched on April 6th. This online visual poll builds on local input already shared to further understand urban design preferences and priorities. If you haven’t already taken it, click the button below! It’s filled with image concepts inspired by local feedback. Let us know your preferences and vision for the future of Devon! It should only take you 5-10 minutes to complete.

Elevate Devon Virtual Community Workshop:
April 27th from 5:30 – 7:00pm on Zoom

click here to register on facebook

Project Background

Elevate Devon is a pivotal corridor study focused on enhancing Devon Avenue between Sheridan Road and Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. The Edgewater Chamber of Commerce, Rogers Park Business Alliance, and Loyola University Chicago joined forces and funding to seek community input as part of this process.

What types of corridor improvements and design enhancements do you want to see? What can be done to enliven this eclectic 1-mile stretch, foster a sense of place, and help local businesses thrive? We want your ideas!

Patio at Nori Sushi

Zoom Zoom: 1-Week Until the April 27th Virtual Community Workshop

Join us next Wednesday, April 27th at 5:30pm on Zoom for the Elevate Devon Virtual Community Workshop!

Meet up with friends, neighbors and local businesses online to learn more about this exciting corridor project, share ideas, and get answers to your questions. The Elevate Devon Team will be Zoom-ing in to connect with locals and share info on project curiosities like:

  • Why is Elevate Devon happening? What is the timeline?
  • What were the results of the first Poll that inspired 640+ locals to share their wants and wishes for Devon?
  • How will the results of the Placemaking Poll (take it here) be used?
  • What types of corridor priorities are emerging?
  • When are we likely to see improvements take place along Devon?


Elevate Devon Virtual Community Workshop
Wednesday, April 27th at 5:30pm
Zoom Link:

What can you expect?

In addition to a project overview and recap on community feedback, Virtual Workshop Go-ers will have the opportunity to add context to the conversation through real-time mini-polls, Q+A, and group ideation… all in the comfort of their slippers, should they choose to wear such… just saying. Bottom line — we want to hear from you!

Add the zoom link to your calendar, mark “attend” on Facebook, and join us:

  1. Copy and paste the info below to your calendar:
    Elevate Devon Virtual Community Workshop:
    April 27th at 5:30pm via Zoom
  2. RSVP via the Facebook Event: click here
  3. Subscribe to Elevate Devon:
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We look forward to seeing you online on April 27th! Craving an in-person connection? Swing by our Corridor Pop-Ups this coming Monday April 25th, where we will be in the patio at Nori Sushi from 2:30-4pm and at Devon Market in the parking lot from 4:30-6pm; weather pending.

Rain Delay: Pop-Ups Rescheduled to Monday, April 25th

When it comes to outdoor events, Mother Nature wins… sunshine, we’re coming for you!

Hello Elevate Devon subscribers: The unpredictable ebb and flow of weather and spring showers is upon us. Due to thunderstorms, we are rescheduling our outdoor Elevate Devon Pop-Ups (originally planned for this Wednesday, April 13th) to Monday, April 25th! The good news? It should be warmer out and we look forward to connecting with even more locals and happy impromptu foot traffic. Read and repeat, precipitation will not be a damper on leveling up community voices.

Please re-mark your calendar and join us on the afternoon of Monday, April 25th in the patio at Nori Sushi (1235 W. Devon) from 2:30 to 4pm and Devon Market near the entry (1440 W Devon) from 4:30 to 6pm. 

Swing by for 5-minutes … or more! Share what time you have. Learn about the project, vote for corridor improvements, meet the team, and ask questions. We are here for it all. Join us in discovering possibilities, unlocking potential, and shaping the future of Devon!

Save the Date: Virtual Workshop, April 27th at 5:30 pm. Subscribe below to receive Zoom details via email. It’s that easy!

Rambler Ramblings: An Update from Our Student Ambassadors

Loyola Pop-Up Recap + Reminder: Take the Placemaking Poll!

Hey there! We’re your Elevate Devon Student Ambassadors, Riley Kelly and Mia Roman. We hosted the first pop-up in Loyola University Chicago’s Damen Student Center on Thursday, March 31st from 9 am to 12 pm and it was a huge success! We were able to connect with more than fifty students and collected dozens of insights and comments about what they wanted to see in the Devon corridor, their ideas, and challenges. After our tabling, website hits increased more than 1,000%. We were delighted to have lots of enthusiastic conversations with students who were interested in contributing their thoughts on how to improve the area.

We handed out more than 100 project cards in the Damen Student Center last Thursday.

We had a wide range of opinions about the project, but we also had common themes. Some students were not familiar with Devon Avenue at all, some had only been down the street once or twice, and some reported they frequent the street often. Many commuter students shared they didn’t frequent Devon shops and attractions but passed through to get to campus. Many of these students were frustrated by the congested traffic and lack of safe pedestrian crossings.

The students who were familiar with the street mentioned their favorite spots – Nori Sushi, Uncommon Ground, Tbaar, Ellipsis, Devon Market, and Cunneen’s. Students shared that the area is lacking businesses and spaces that could make the area a destination.

Many people mentioned they would like to see more coffee shops, bookstores, bars, and restaurants with outside seating – more cool places to hang out for cheap. Senior Drew Mallery shared that “Uncommon Ground” is the only big restaurant that has outside seating, but it’s too expensive for students.”

The desire for more evening activities was mentioned several times, noting that was something students had to travel outside of Rogers Park/Edgewater for. Besides adding attractive businesses, students mentioned the area would benefit from more murals, flowers, bus stop seating, better wheelchair accessibility, more pedestrian space, and less litter.

When asked what he thought of the Elevate Devon project, student Rafael Aviles said:

“I think it’s very dope because it adds attention to outside communities, not just the downtown community. Coming from a place where they don’t have attention for those far areas – I love it. Projects like this make the community stronger together and bond.” 

Student Rafael Aviles
LUC Student Ambassador Riley Kelly chats with a student about Elevate Devon.

Overall, we were thrilled at the interest and enthusiasm for the Elevate Devon initiative from our pop-up and were able to prove that LUC students are a crucial community to involve in the strategy building for this campaign. They have great ideas to share and are invested in the outcomes of this project and community corridor.

Upcoming Engagement Events

Make sure to join us Wednesday April 13th at Nori Sushi (2:30 PM – 4 PM) and Devon Market (4:30 PM – 6 PM) for the next pop ups! We’re excited to connect more with the Devon community and get feedback on our placemaking poll.

Wednesday April 27th from 5:30 PM – 7 PM we’ll have our Virtual Workshop on Zoom, where you can learn even more about Elevate Devon and share your thoughts on the project so far. Keep an eye out for the Zoom link in the next few weeks!

This or That? The Elevate Devon Placemaking Poll is LIVE!

It’s officially here and ready for the taking! Click the button below to take the Placemaking on Devon Poll. Scroll through images and select those that reflect aspects of community design you like and favor most. From mini plazas and crosswalk treatments, to public art, signage and landscaping… now is your chance to help shape the future of Devon. Show us what concepts you dig.

Why are we doing a visual preference poll?

Placemaking ingredients add up! Things like bumpouts, murals, planters, benches, community events… they come together to create an environment we see, feel and experience. Further, they have the ability to reflect, respond and cater to local life, help businesses thrive, and share a story of community character all their own.

You are the local experts! Your feedback and preferences will be used to develop corridor goals, design strategies and priorities to help make Devon a more flavorful, vibrant, and inviting destination. We’ll say it again — placemaking ingredients add up. Share today to help discover possibilities and unlock potential.

Let’s Dive In

The placemaking poll includes the categories listed below and should take you between 5-15 minutes to complete. Click here to get started!

  1. Local Identity and Character
  2. Places to Sit, Gather and Dine
  3. Walkability, Biking and Safety

Pop Ups, Placemaking Polls, and Parklets

Pop Ups, Placemaking Polls, and Parklets… Oh My!

Loyola Spotlight: Student Led Engagement

To close out March, Elevate Devon’s Student Ambassadors hosted a pop up on Thursday March 31st, at Loyola University Chicago’s Damen Student Center. Big thanks to everyone who stopped by to share. We heard tons of great insights and will be sharing a summary of feedback soon!

Elevate Devon Pop Up Tour

The Elevate Devon Pop Up Tour is just getting started! Be sure to visit us on April 13th at Nori Sushi in the outdoor patio from 2:30 to 4pm, and at Devon Market near the entrance from 4:30 to 6pm. Whether you’re getting a California Roll, stopping by to pick up some produce, or just in the neighborhood, slow your roll and share your feedback! These pop ups are an opportunity for you to identify priorities for different projects on Devon.

Phoenix Article on Elevate Devon

Shout-out to the Loyola Phoenix for publishing a wonderful article about Elevate Devon! Student engagement and involvement is important to the Elevate Devon process, and we are thrilled to be reaching more students. Our very own Steering Committee member, Jennifer Clark and Loyola Student Ambassador, Riley Kelly, shared their thoughts and hopes for the project below:

“I love the stretch of Devon from Sheridan to Ravenswood and I know it has the potential to be a very vibrant area, so I’m excited to be a part of seeing that process come to life…”

Riley Kelly
loyola university chicago student, steering committee member

“It’s about creating a vision for Devon… an environment that is inviting and ripe for business, where businesses feel supported, where pedestrians and students feel comfortable, and want to walk down Devon because they feel safe and because there are cool businesses to go to. Do people want to see more artwork? Better bus stops and crosswalks? Better landscaping?”

Jennifer Clark
Associate Vice President of Campus and Community Planning

Moving From Mini Poll to Placemaking Poll

More than 640 of you shared your thoughts with us on the future of Devon as part of the first poll, which closed the morning of April 4th – you told us what works, what doesn’t, and what you’d like to see happen. We’ll be sharing a summary of our first poll with you soon. If you haven’t already, subscribe below to have the results emailed to you.

Using the feedback from the first poll and insights from the comment map, we put together a “Placemaking on Devon” Poll, which is going live on this website on April 6th.  This online visual survey will build on the feedback generated as part of mini-poll to further understand urban design preferences and placemaking priorities.

Definition Spotlight: The Power of Parklets

Did You Know: As highlighted by the images below, a parklet provides more space for seating, dining, community events, bike parking, and more! They temporarily reclaim street parking to create a more pedestrian-friendly environment, boost foot traffic, and help make drivers more mindful of speed limits. The Chicago Department of Transportation has a dedicated program called ‘Make Way For People‘ to help install more parklets in Chicago. The upcoming “Placemaking on Devon” Poll will explore parklet amenities to understand those features you favor most!

April is Elevate Devon Month!

April is Elevate Devon Month

We’re famous 🥳 (sort of)! A big thank you to Block Club Chicago for the great article on Elevate Devon. Maybe some of you reading this were brought here from the Block Club article – welcome! We are happy to report the Elevate Devon Starter Poll has received a whopping 600+ responses and the Comment Map has more than 150+ insights. What’s better? Ideas keep rolling in. Read on!

Comment Map + Starter Poll

Trending topics from feedback shared to date include the vitality and mix of businesses, the pedestrian environment, walkability, intersection crossings, cyclist safety and bike routes, transit considerations, the diverse character of the corridor, arts + culture opportunities, and big love for neighborhood gems like La Unica, Cunneens, Devon Market, Clark Devon Hardware, Andy’s Antiques, and Uncommon Ground… to name a few. Community feedback is incredibly important so keep the comments coming!

The Starter Poll will be closing Monday April 4th, with a summary of feedback posted following. Thanks to all who have shared and expanded on priorities with thoughtful feedback, ideas, and words of support!

Ready to get more involved?

You’re in luck – April is Elevate Devon month, and we’ve got a ton of ways to get involved. Please subscribe to this website to receive additional details on events. We’ll remind you to sign up and attend closer to these dates!

  • Prepare to launch: Get ready, our Placemaking Poll goes live on Wednesday April 6th. This online survey will ask for feedback and preferences on different urban design and placemaking concepts to improve Devon.
  • Come say hi: We’ll be hosting Pop-Ups on Wednesday, April 13th at Nori Sushi (2:30 PM – 4:00 PM) and Devon Market (4:30 PM – 6:00 PM).
  • Zoomies: Invite your friends and neighbors and join us for the Elevate Devon Virtual Workshop on Wednesday April 27th from 5:30 PM – 7:00 PM; Zoom details will be shared closer to the date.

Calling all Loyola Ramblers!

Our Elevate Devon Student Ambassadors are hosting a pop-up at the Damen Student Center (6511 N Sheridan Road – see yellow star on location map) from 9am to 12pm on March 31st. Drop by to learn more, ask questions, share ideas, and add ideas to a large and in-charge map of the corridor. You didn’t hear it from us, but word is there might be snacks… #snacks

We hope you’ll join us for all our community engagement activities. No matter how you choose to participate, we look forward to hearing from you!  

Want to stay up to date on the latest Elevate Devon happenings and goings-on this Spring? Sign up for website updates!

Winter Recap and Spring(ing) Forward

February was a busy month for Elevate Devon and March is shaping up to be even busier!

The Journey So Far

In February we had our Student Ambassador orientation, where we got to know the two Loyola University Chicago students who will be providing outreach support and invaluable feedback on the Elevate Devon planning process. We also held our second Steering Committee meeting, where Committee members discussed the engagement process thus far, marketing and identity, future workshops and open houses, and plan goals.

Placemaking, Polls, and Pop Ups, Oh My!

This Spring is going to be chock full of ways to engage in the Elevate Devon planning process – both virtually and in-person. Here are just a few of the ways we’ll be engaging community in the weeks to come:

Placemaking Poll

Our “Placemaking on Devon” poll will be going live soon. The poll will give stakeholders and community members the opportunity to share their vision for the future of Devon’s streetscape, identity, and more. Keep an eye out for an email in the next few weeks!

Corridor Pop Ups

Our team is working hard to engage the diverse users and neighbors of Devon Avenue, and we are planning in-person pop ups along the corridor as the weather warms up and the sun comes out. Tentatively planned for the last week in March, weather pending, these pop ups are meant to start dynamic conversations with Devon Avenue passerby; Loyola students, faculty, and staff; residents; and business owners.

Continued Feedback and Engagement

If you haven’t already (or if you’ve got some more bright ideas to share), don’t forget to fill out our super quick, one-question poll and add ideas, challenges, and thoughts to our Elevate Devon interactive comment map!

As always, if you have any questions about the process or how to get more involved, please reach out here.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the first poll, which closed on April 4th. Over 640 responses were provided, helping to frame needs, challenges, opportunities, and priorities for Devon.

Check out all those idea sprinkles!

Click the map below to add insights and give a “thumbs-up” to ideas you support.

Corridor Resolutions

Corridor Resolutions

Welcome to Elevate Devon! 2022 is going to be a big year for this eclectic stretch of Devon. Local residents, businesses, students, and stakeholders — join us as we make strides to identify solutions that positively shape and enliven Devon Avenue between Sheridan Road and Ravenswood Avenue. Follow the steps below to help shape Devon:

Getting Started – It’s Easy as 1-2-3-4!

Step 1 · Elevate Your Inbox: Fun community events are coming this Spring! Outdoor pop-up booths, a virtual open house, and placemaking poll wherein you can rate images and identify improvements you’d love to see on Devon… Subscribe below to receive event announcements and the poll link direct to your inbox!

Step 2 · Take the 1-Question Poll: Select your top 3 priorities for Devon and share other comments and ideas via this quick starter poll.

Thank you to everyone who participated! This poll closed on April 4th at 10am. Over 640 responses were provided, helping to frame needs, challenges, opportunities, and priorities for Devon.

Step 3 · Map Comments: Share your thoughts and ideas via the interactive project map! Give a thumbs-up to comments you support. Upload photos to help explain your idea. Review the starter questions below to get your brainwaves going.

  • What can be done to liven up this eclectic corridor and celebrate local diversity?
  • Is it easy to get around? Cross the street? Ride your bike?
  • How can we support existing businesses and attract new ones?
  • What can be done to foster and reinforce corridor identity? What is that identity?
  • How can we enhance the streetscape via landscaping, lighting, fencing, etc.?
  • What types of art, culture, and outdoor spaces would you like to see or experience?

Step 4 · Ask Questions: If you have questions, comments, or ideas you’d rather discuss over the phone or in-person, reach out to the project team by dropping us a note via the contact page. Click here to learn more about the project.