This or That? The Elevate Devon Placemaking Poll is LIVE!

It’s officially here and ready for the taking! Click the button below to take the Placemaking on Devon Poll. Scroll through images and select those that reflect aspects of community design you like and favor most. From mini plazas and crosswalk treatments, to public art, signage and landscaping… now is your chance to help shape the future of Devon. Show us what concepts you dig.

Why are we doing a visual preference poll?

Placemaking ingredients add up! Things like bumpouts, murals, planters, benches, community events… they come together to create an environment we see, feel and experience. Further, they have the ability to reflect, respond and cater to local life, help businesses thrive, and share a story of community character all their own.

You are the local experts! Your feedback and preferences will be used to develop corridor goals, design strategies and priorities to help make Devon a more flavorful, vibrant, and inviting destination. We’ll say it again — placemaking ingredients add up. Share today to help discover possibilities and unlock potential.

Let’s Dive In

The placemaking poll includes the categories listed below and should take you between 5-15 minutes to complete. Click here to get started!

  1. Local Identity and Character
  2. Places to Sit, Gather and Dine
  3. Walkability, Biking and Safety

Published by Elevate Devon

Elevate Devon is a pivotal corridor study focused on enhancing Devon Avenue between Sheridan Road and Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. What can be done to enliven this eclectic 1-mile stretch, foster sense of place, and help local businesses thrive? Visit to share ideas and help shape the future of Devon!

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