Corridor Resolutions

Corridor Resolutions

Welcome to Elevate Devon! 2022 is going to be a big year for this eclectic stretch of Devon. Local residents, businesses, students, and stakeholders — join us as we make strides to identify solutions that positively shape and enliven Devon Avenue between Sheridan Road and Ravenswood Avenue. Follow the steps below to help shape Devon:

Getting Started – It’s Easy as 1-2-3-4!

Step 1 · Elevate Your Inbox: Fun community events are coming this Spring! Outdoor pop-up booths, a virtual open house, and placemaking poll wherein you can rate images and identify improvements you’d love to see on Devon… Subscribe below to receive event announcements and the poll link direct to your inbox!

Step 2 · Take the 1-Question Poll: Select your top 3 priorities for Devon and share other comments and ideas via this quick starter poll.

Thank you to everyone who participated! This poll closed on April 4th at 10am. Over 640 responses were provided, helping to frame needs, challenges, opportunities, and priorities for Devon.

Step 3 · Map Comments: Share your thoughts and ideas via the interactive project map! Give a thumbs-up to comments you support. Upload photos to help explain your idea. Review the starter questions below to get your brainwaves going.

  • What can be done to liven up this eclectic corridor and celebrate local diversity?
  • Is it easy to get around? Cross the street? Ride your bike?
  • How can we support existing businesses and attract new ones?
  • What can be done to foster and reinforce corridor identity? What is that identity?
  • How can we enhance the streetscape via landscaping, lighting, fencing, etc.?
  • What types of art, culture, and outdoor spaces would you like to see or experience?

Step 4 · Ask Questions: If you have questions, comments, or ideas you’d rather discuss over the phone or in-person, reach out to the project team by dropping us a note via the contact page. Click here to learn more about the project.

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Elevate Devon is a pivotal corridor study focused on enhancing Devon Avenue between Sheridan Road and Ravenswood Avenue in Chicago. What can be done to enliven this eclectic 1-mile stretch, foster sense of place, and help local businesses thrive? Visit to share ideas and help shape the future of Devon!

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